Why You Should Choose European Oak Flooring For Your Home

The appeal of oak flooring has long been recognized in France and Germany before making its way to the rest of Europe. People have fallen in love with the uniqueness of European oak flooring simply because it is like no other. Oak is a sturdy and long-lasting type of wood that plays an important role in daily lives. Designers, who recommend wooden flooring, particularly emphasize on the use of oak for cabinetry, furniture, and flooring.

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The Europeans used a technique that involved taking squares from center of the plank and slicing it straight through. This technique produced a tighter and wider grain. When flanked by a quartered grain pattern, a beautiful plank is created.

The difference between American oak flooring and European oak flooring

European oak flooring boasts extreme hardness and durability, making it particularly resistant to termite, fungal, and mold attack. This wood has been used for centuries for making ships, wine barrels, and furniture. In fact, oak is a popular choice for both commercial and residential properties. European oak flooring is a perfect option, regardless of whether you are seeking to create a rustic or modern interior.

With a large variety of color selections, you can find the finest European oak flooring options on the market. When comparing this material with American oak flooring, you will find that it is of same quality. Whether you choose an American oak floor or a European oak floor, it will still last for many years to come.

Just like any other timber specie, both American and European oak come in different grades and colors. No matter which continent your flooring material comes from, you should still decide on the budget as well as the look you are hoping to create. It is, therefore, best to take a look at some of the different designs online before deciding.

European oak flooring typically ranges from light to dark brown and is especially tough. One of its major advantages is that it does not expand or contract, unlike pine or cedar. It holds well to finishing and can be used in many types of furnishing. This sought-after flooring is a great option as it is stunning looking and adds value to a home.

Perhaps the biggest difference between American and European oak trees is that the sap from the European oak trees is quite thin and long in length. This is why it can be turned into solid oak flooring as it comes in different grades. The grade you select is down to your personal preference as there are many styles available.

Some of these styles include Northern Beech, Tasmanian Oak, and Forest Reds. The quarter-sawn oak flooring is perhaps one of the best grades available. It is beautifully figured and is seen as a super-tight grain. Quarterly-sawn is actually only created from a very small part of the oak tree, thus making it more expensive to produce.

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Choosing between 14mm and 20mm oak flooring

Most suppliers of European oak flooring provide 14mm similarly to 20mm boards. The 14mm boards are completely make of single timber pieces that have been milled, whereas the 20mm boards contain double timber pieces. One of the key advantages using a single board is the price. It will cost you much less to install this rather than a 20mm. However, if you can stretch your budget, opt for the thicker board as you would not need to make any modifications with your underlay. To find the right suppliers of solid oak flooring, turn to the Web. There are many websites that contain a variety of hardwood floors to suit your budget and needs.